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October 2015

Le Jacquard Francais Fall sale until Nov 15th

Le Jacquard Francais France is an original manufacturer from the beginning of jacquard woven tablecloth and napkins. Keeping up with the pace for the US markets, LJF is really proven to be a top level supply for our demands. Our table settings for Fine China to everday Fiesta ware dishes do look fabulous because of these gems that adorn our tables. So, don't worry about travelling to France for your next purchase, we have them here ready for you to easily order and receive in time for this years Celebrations.
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Holiday Table sSttings for December

Many times I have heard from my customers that they open the tablecloth and napkin set only to discover those stains that never were removed.  What to do? There are a few options? Try to remove the stains with the Le Blanc Linen wash. Secret is to soak the linen where it is stained for 20 minutes just by pouring out some detergent and rubbing it in the fabric.  Then launder as usual, but do not put in the dryer as this would set any stain that remained. Repeat this process over and over until success. Read more

Thanksgiving Table linens for 2015

Traditional Thanksgiving Day feasts have always created a newness for the perfect end of the year. We are thankful for all the gifts we have in our lives. Also, reflecting on our young and old is a gift! This is done in many fashions as tradition is pretty much an individual decorating for the d├ęcor despite the meal of Turkey with dressing, potatoes and gravy, and cranberries, and all the harvest goodness. What is Thanksgiving without the Pumpkin pie, Apple pie, etc. We are just in our "Thanksgiving Day feast" mode and hope that the linens survived from last year. Hopefully, Linen wash was used to help get those foodies stains out. Read more

Luxury Bed Linen Ideas for Fall 2015

Imported Egyptian cotton is or always has been the ultimate in fabric for creating soft durable and fashionable bed linens. Mostly, it is because of the region growing the fibers not being in the USA. We import from Italy and abroad to get these finer threads on the list for shopping be it Duvet covers, Top sheet, and or just Pillow shams. The choices have always been plentiful. And, if we did not like what we saw here we jetted off to the Euro markets to purchase from their fine shops. Read more

Matelasse Bed Linens

Matelasse coverlets evolved as a direct result from the beginning of time and ever most precious Quilt. As quilting became cumbersome and expensive people needed the next step in similar product.  Quilting is more now adays known from exotique locations such as China (remember the Ecru color is dyed from tea and can be removed in laundering from a stain remover) or even local USA women who spend about 1 year creating the perfect family quilt. Smaller parts of quilting can be adjoined to create the giant spread.
As quilts were not apart of our main element of selling, F&B Linen focused on the Matelasse. I cannot remember when we did not offer as a basic bedding. Read more

F&B Linen Samples and Swatches

F&B Linen online store success is from our shopping style to be full service to get all required information to you making your experience successful.  Since the beginning of internet sales, F&B has enjoyed building our regular customer's confidence in our products. Sometimes, being a newer customer to our products takes that extra convincing step, we are happy to say we still offer samples and swatches.
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