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Holiday Table sSttings for December

Many times I have heard from my customers that they open the tablecloth and napkin set only to discover those stains that never were removed.  What to do? There are a few options? Try to remove the stains with the Le Blanc Linen wash. Secret is to soak the linen where it is stained for 20 minutes just by pouring out some detergent and rubbing it in the fabric.  Then launder as usual, but do not put in the dryer as this would set any stain that remained. Repeat this process over and over until success.

 Just think it is time for a new tablecloth and napkin set? This is a great choice!  Find the most similar pattern to what you are enjoying at the moment on your table.  The French table linens are colorful and vibrant.  If you choice is for a more plain tablecloth and napkin set, choose the Classico hemstitch linen in White or in Ivory.  This is always the traditional table setting that you can now decorate with beautiful flowers and/or taper candles.

 While shopping on the site for the perfect table setting, remember that our French kitchen towels are regarded as the ultimate in gift giving.  The French dishtowel is an enigma. I cannot tell you how many we go to ship each day.  As a result, your gift intended will reciprocate and thus you receive them back.  This is a routine we enjoy and relish.  French dishtowels are from Le Jacquard Francais, Garnier Thiebaut, and Beauville. Le Jacquard Francais has 2 categories: first is the main line at sized 24x31 for $24.00 each, second is the by LJF line that is sized at 20x30 and priced at $18.00 each.  Garnier Thiebaut is famous for it's portrait of Vegetables and Herbs in fabulous colorways perfect for the cook sized at 20x30 and priced $18.00 to $20.00.  Beauville is traditional Alsacian delights. Find the real Santa Claus, delicate past Euro style figurines skating and enjoying the Winter scapes, and Florals that seem to come to life. Beauville gets a little mix of linen with the cotton and priced their towels at $24.00 or so.

 The choices can be endless however it is the pain of gift giving.  See our category for gift suggestion that is separated by how much you want to spend.  We added the quick find list and usually it is great for a rush present selection.
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