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Fabric Care

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F&B Specialty Linen was invited to the Portegese Trade commission so we explored the very lovely Country (only 1 or 2 cities).  One of the finds was Graccioza Read more

Le Blanc washes

Finding your fine linens not springing back to life like you thought? Maybe it is the detergent , could be the water, possibly the dryer. To help with all this under 1 grouping, is to start with laundry in the Le Blanc washes. Read more

Coated Tablecloth vs Laminated Tablecloth

Coated tablecloth is just that - coated cotton- real 100% cotton that has a light acrylic surface. Tablecloth side on table is cotton side with the acrylic side facing up and taking all the spills.  When you receive your tablecloth the label may say 96% cotton and 4% acrylic, customs reasons is all but sounds right.  Coated tablecloths have become the 2nd largest selection for fine tablecloths.  Besides the 100% cotton jacquards, the coated tablecloth is considered vastly by many who like that extra quality stain free care. Read more