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Le Blanc special cleaning soaps

Le Blanc is a recommended laundry soap for cleaning fine linens and down products that are purchased in luxury linen stores.  Down wash is for down, mattress pads, poly filled products, throw stuffer feather pillows etc.  The Linen wash for laundry of linens is recommeded by manufacturers around the world.  Silk wash for washables with elastics, silks, cashmere, be sure to read the label.  Linen water spray for ironing (great on cotton balls in the closet as well), Linen Press is for starching those fine handkerchiefs or shams, and Infusion goes into the rinse cycle to enhance your fragrance as well as the Dryer sachets into the dryer.  Keep that fragrance going!!

Blue Violet:

As prices for shipping the heavier bottles increased tremendously, we are charging a bit extra for this shipping adjustment. And, we are offering all Le Blanc fragrances and products online in pack's of 2.  We think that for the investment it is worth it to stock up when buying online.  It keeps for a long time in the bottles without changing the appearance of the liquids.  

The Fragrances are: Lavender Lady, Blue Violet, Summer Verbena, White Flowers, and Fragrance free with the final Original fragrance.  We do not show all products on the website however they are all available.

Be sure to get some Towel wash for towels, all fragrances offered, same 2's in each purchase.

Clean and be assured your doing the right thing for the preservation of the fine linens.
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