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Matelasse Bed Linens

Matelasse coverlets evolved as a direct result from the beginning of time and ever most precious Quilt. As quilting became cumbersome and expensive people needed the next step in similar product.  Quilting is more now adays known from exotique locations such as China (remember the Ecru color is dyed from tea and can be removed in laundering from a stain remover) or even local USA women who spend about 1 year creating the perfect family quilt. Smaller parts of quilting can be adjoined to create the giant spread.
As quilts were not apart of our main element of selling, F&B Linen focused on the Matelasse. I cannot remember when we did not offer as a basic bedding.

Peacock Alley, a manufacturer located in Texas, became our supplier of an array of Matelasse coverlets originating in Portugal. Because of this, quality control factors played a big part for making these coverlets luxury products.  Not expensive, nor even exotically patterned, the coverlets were created with antique facets to create patterns that we still purchase this day.  Vienna coverlet is an antique button pattern with leaves inside a circle pattern that is repetitious.  Vienna started in White or Ecru and has been offered in the fashionable Taupe. If you like a basic easy care Matelasse, this is the one to choose.  However, I would not hesitate to see them all.  Peacock Alley matelasse coverlets are for everyone.

If you still like the more quilted look, Signoria di Firenze has the Masaccio quilted tiny squares in many colors. You can even select matching Pillow shams, Bed sheets in white with same embroidery threads in Raffaello.  Italian manufacturers offer quilting that is done by machine.  Patterns are pretty simplified with continuous swirls, small checks, subway tile look, and tuffting.  These are magnificent and finish a room with splendor.  DEA has quilted coverlets in Vienna 6 pattern, and a few others. Total custom and elegant to the end, DEA is a premier Italian family owned perveyor of Finer Linens equal to noone.

Another great feature that will win you over, is that the Peacock Alley matelasse is now oversized, pre washed, and machine washable.  Dyers no matter how cotton products prepared, will shrink them.

Vienna matelasse 
Alyssa matelasse
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