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F&B Linen Samples and Swatches

F&B Linen online store success is from our shopping style to be full service to get all required information to you making your experience successful.  Since the beginning of internet sales, F&B has enjoyed building our regular customer's confidence in our products. Sometimes, being a newer customer to our products takes that extra convincing step, we are happy to say we still offer samples and swatches.

 Le Jacquard Francais launches 2 times a year their collections then we get our samples to support the store sales.  Napkins are a great way to see all the various colors and just get the idea of the pattern.  We offer those as options before making the purchase as nowadays we import direct from the manufacturer.  Beauville is another of our fabulous and exclusive manufacturers that has decided to work diligently.  Beauville is one of our premiere table linens. The prices have come down the past years but seem high to new comers of this line.  If you love the Alsacian part of France, Beauville is it! True to it's environment.

 If you are trying to decide on that perfect tablecloth and napkins set to the perfect bed linens addition or even bath towels do not hesitate to ask for a sample. If it is possible , we will try to make your shopping experiences successful.  F&B Linen has been online quite some time and keeping pace with all the newer techniques has presented it's challenges. The for sure thing is that we can make sure your next purchase of high quality textiles is what you wanted all along.  Check out our website, we will be happy to hear how you like our products. Reviews are the best way to help this stay permanent!

Towel or Rugs Habidecor/Abyss                            Beauville solid Napkins
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