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Luxury Bed Linen Ideas for Fall 2015

Imported Egyptian cotton is or always has been the ultimate in fabric for creating soft durable and fashionable bed linens. Mostly, it is because of the region growing the fibers not being in the USA. We import from Italy and abroad to get these finer threads on the list for shopping be it Duvet covers, Top sheet, and or just Pillow shams. The choices have always been plentiful. And, if we did not like what we saw here we jetted off to the Euro markets to purchase from their fine shops.

Well, Now facing the past challenges of open markets you can find all items while shopping online as we now list pretty much all levels available for pricing these bed linens items. F&B Linen has increased our selections to include from the most entry level luxury to the highest level feel and touch linens. Why we do not focus on thread count is because of the trend in most marketing techniques to assimilate what we keyword search for online. High Thread count numbers such as 1000 threads per square inch have been showing up in many major discount sites and representing what we truly do not sell in this "Market of Luxury".

Each USA or Italian manufacturers listened to the voice of the markets and created their price levels for shopping the good sheets. SFERRA, most inventive of USA distributors, does have from 220 thread count to the ultimate 1020 thread count in both Percale hotel quality and in Sateen woven silky feeling quality bed sheets. Along with this is the price adjusted to make the bed linens purchase proof and still maintain that higher quality item you are searching to buy. Grand Hotel has proven track records for making even quantity shopping easy. Fiona sateen entry level, well that is the one to get if on that budget. Fiona is now in more color ways than ever.

How does a smaller luxury good company take on this thread count challenge? Why has the prices gone up for thread count bedding when the true products are searched for and now un affordable? That is the trend we have been facing so try the more entry level and save the big dollars for that special occasion. In the meantime, Be sure to see Giza 45 bed linens. Giza 45 is not a thread count but a special thin woven silky smooth feeling bed sheet that you may be able to buy now. Giza 45 is listed online as Giza 45 percale bed linens, Giza 45 sateen , Giza 45 stripe, Giza 45 jacquard (great for duvet covers and can be custom made), Giza 45 lace. You will be happy and still get the best bed linens for the money.

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