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Christmas Tablecloths 2023

Never know who to invite to what to serve and more adding of guests check list is never ending.  One easy way to solve the Table setting is to have on hand a lovely decorative French Tablecloth that will help break the ice.  The designs from Beauville are hard to beat although all cotton satinized for stain release we should be cautious on the spills.  Treat them asap, never let a spill stay too long on a fabric Tablecloth that will stain for sure.  Beauville treats all their Cotton linens for a smooth finish to repell liquid stains.  Included in their brand is a calm selection that does take into account the accidental stain that can be caused by spills and sticky fingers.  We recommend Le Blanc Linen wash for all protein stains removal. The instructions are readily shown on the bottles.

Beauville Tablecloths and Napkins are made in France near the region of the Christmas Markets. Each year they sell out their designs new and old so it is best to start early and get everything you need to set your Holiday Table.

Traditional scenes of the Chalet to the Alsatian events that occur each winter season in the mountains.  You will be able to seek and find without too much deliberations.  Take in account that these are art works hand made to perfection so the cost goes into prices.  It is totally worth the spend. You will enjoy the Holiday Linens year to year.  Traditional to be heirlooms, add an extra set to hand down in pristine condition creating a new Tradition within your family.  Each family takes a new direction when it comes to setting the Table no matter how effortless it becomes.

Here are some Christmas picks: 
Winter Table Linens in red depict the events of Winter fun indoors and out of doors.

Nuit Etoille in red _ also available in blue or in Anthracite.

Poesie d Hiver in red or in arctique : Jacquard woven Tablecloths still available from last
season limited edition. We have very few left yet a best pick for Christmas 2023.

Lumiere d Etoiles in red - also available in White (with silver lurex)
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