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Memorial Day sale events

Sale events are always special because it means a Holiday is here. Memorial day is very special especially now with the memories recirculating from family and friends of the days gone by and the loved ones we miss.

Here are some wonderful linen to consider adding to your already fabulous high end top shelf selections.

Le Jacquard Francais cotton , linen , and coated cotton Tablecloths and napkins are on sale 20% May 15th through June 15th.  Shop and save on the beautiful Spring/Summer 2020 collection that is just now able to ship and be admired on our tables. This start of 2020 has been a little extreme and now we are ready to work.

SFERRA Bed, Table, and Bath linens are on sale May 21st to June 1st.  Shop your favorites to add to your home linen collections, see the bed linens in Grand Hotel, Celeste, and the silky Giotto to the perfected Giza45.  Tablecloths in Classico Linen, Acanthus jacquard cotton, to newly added Tipton.  You will enjoy all selections.

Matouk linens are ready to send as always with a timely and affordable ring to it.  Shop bedding, table, and bath linens to get their 20% off sale prices.

All prices are shown in the shopping carts so be sure to pick your selections and add them to the carts to get the prices. If any quesitons, please email us so that we can adjust any prices necessary.

Here are some sneak showings:
Duchesse in pink and in white.
Duchesse-2.jpg   Duchesse-3.jpg

Sferra_ Bari matelasse

Matouk Ansonia

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