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Le Jacquard Francais Spring 2020

The Spring table fashions are available online in the all pure cotton jacquard woven table linens or in the pure linen.  You will have to see them all.

Here is a quick peak into the vast collection offered this Spring 2020.

Cabaret- 100% linen woven into plumes and timeless design.

Duchesse in 3 colorways: our best seller so far is in the Pink

Nature Urbaine- 3 colorways but this Electric blue is too excellent. This pattern is both
coated cotton, and all cotton versions.  So you can have the design in your favorite.

Le Jacquard Francais is made and imported from France. We are the place to see all the
fashions from this brand that has become so popular from our website.
New Kitchen towels:

Check into the soft and waffle styled Bath linens too. The new design is Lula in Linen.
You will enjoy purchasing this so much, reminiscent of the previous Camille.

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