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France travels in January 2016

France travels in January can be very rewarding. Besides paying less for flights and hotels, there is a great savings within shopping the Department stores.  Most stores have sales up to 80% off depleting the Holiday surplus and getting ready for Springtime shopping.  Fashion is always in the air, Paris Fashion week is also taking place in end of January.
Here are some favorite sites of Paris and the very famous Palace that you can email us on as to it's full name. Maybe a reward in store!!

I know everyone must know this famous historical marker. Do you know the street it begins at? and who is marvelling on it's structure to be so famous to light up the sky at night.

Tour de Eiffel is magnificent and at night with the soft yellow lights can help even the most darkest and cloudiest of nights seem tame.  Well still, did not venture up the structure. I think it was closed.
Shopping anyone?
See some Chandeliers?.... and then
more Chandeliers? any know this place? Famous outer edge of Paris Palace?????
Recently, renovated and beauty is still there.
Take time off the stress, and get in the relief
Oh our real reason, bringing back the French linens.
Le Jacquard Francais 100% linen tablecloth and napkins
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