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Waffle Weave Bath Towels

Our best selling over the years in Waffle Weave Bath Towels is the Le Jacquard Francais brand in White. In the past, their woven gems included Bees, Flowers, Geometrics and coloration borders.  The brand has expanded into a new cotton called Micro Cotton that is durable and launders well.   In the past few years, Volupte in White is a trend setting leader for quantity orders filling the work out rooms with a non stop supply of clean towels.  If you are looking for your in home spa in a terrycloth towel, see Spa by Abyss.

Here is a photo of the Volupte.  You can order these sizes: Washcloth, Bath Mitt, Guest towel
Hand Towel, Bath towel, and Bath sheet.  Folded so small no worries regarding shelf space.
ALSO available in Pink

IF You prefer Linen Waffle Towels: Lula is your choice.

Find your favorite and stock up, these are the nicest to have on hand.

Another favorite in quantity and individual purcases are the Leitner Petite Waffle or Jumbo Waffle
in White or in Natural Imported from Austria/Germany.  All Cotton and so so durable...truly amazing.

Leitner Waffel towels are stocked at most quantity levels. When we are out, It may take a few weeks
to replenish our inventory.  Usually we can ship readily available, if you are in a hurry email us first.
The Jumbo Waffle towels are great for beach or pools. The largest size is 60x80 inches. enjoy.

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