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White Tablecloth and Napkins set that is a good choice

Garnier Thiebaut has the Eloise in diamant white fabric jacquard loomed in a Green Sweet treated surface to be wipe clean yet machine washed. Green sweet is a technology to keep the fibers from being absorbent when it comes to spills onto the surface.  You can catch those spills and blot dry. If the tablecloth needs to be laundered then all is still well with this. Machine wash, Line dry or lightly dry so that wrinkles do not appear.  Napkins are always just the pure cotton jacquard, yet can be laundered with the tablecloth. Extra napkins are a great idea...

Eloise in diamant

Eloise can be just beautiful at any event from Formal to Dining Casual to Holiday celebrations
Eloise white napkin.

Green Sweet treatment:
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