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Le Jacquard Francais Table Linens

Le Jacquard Francais started a very long time ago as a premiere weaver for textiles, yes: but more over for a lifetime lasting trend in the textile markets.  As modern time is our immediate reality, I can honestly say that this is evident.  For a short time, I was worried that this was not going to be the trend going forward into the "Table Linen world" as a prime retail sourse for their products.  Luckily, I was mistaken.

Le Jacquard Francais french linens are created with fresh new ideas 2 times a year, Spring and Fall.  In the Spring you will find captivating florals and stunning bright colors for not only tablecloths but for french kitchen towels.  These selections are launched as models around February.  With the economy being as it is, production is very tight for holding these things on the shelves in France.  Low and behold, the sales are quick and immediate.  Since the weaving process is every 2 months or so per design, depending on the popularity of that product, waiting to get what you like is a mistake.

Le Jacquard Francais french Holiday limited edition tablecloth is launched with it's model in the Fall and has proven to be the most limited of them all because the weaving is only done once.  If we run out, there is not another way to get more.  Fancy for me, I at times can muster up a few items here and there with some luck.  The Holiday pattern is always a favorite to the US as we hold precious all our Holidays as religious not to mention when the family all comes back home. 

Gift giving advise: The French Dishtowel!  I have found this statement to be true to life because we certainly go through an enormous amount of french kitchen towels. Finding your favorite is not hard as you know on the screen if this is for you to own or give away.  Don't forget to collect a few for yourself, you deserve a treat too.  French dishtowel are made in 2 sizes: 24x31 for $24.00 each and 20x30 for $18.00 each. Linen glass towels such as Cristal, Carafes, Transparences are size 24x31 for $35.00 each.  If you find these sizes less priced, it is that discontinued very limited item.

Start your quest now for fabulous French table linens and kitchen linens....

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