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Wishing you the very best 2023

We wish everyone who follows our blog and beyond the blog a very Happy and Healthy Holidays season into the New Year.  We are very appreciative.  At times it seems like we are losing some of our decades ole customers.  I know that we cherish each and everyone here and there no matter what.  The past few years has been a challenge to be in any business.  We just like to thank you especially because of this.  We are always trying new ways to get out to you.  I am using my blog to just say; Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Last year was an okay year for business, we loved each and every turn and tangle.  You made the difference being with us each step of the way.  As a result we are still here.  Thank you!  Without the blog, I am just wondering how to get the word out for our newsletter sale events. Please send in comments or suggestions on what you would like to see for a sale event.  The newsletters have proven a good tool.  We love to hear from you!  And, we will be giving a 20% on 1 item discount for your help.  Hoping to get some great useful feedback, we are grateful again.

Here are some new Items that you may have missed. We are excited to offer them on our website.

Ogallala Mariposa down comforter - made in USA in Ogallala, Nebraska. This lovely down insert is prime.  You can choose light weight or warm for comfort level.  Mariposa is hypodown filled.


Denali down insert: made in USA by Ogallala down. This top of the line 900 FP luxury
empress lever insert will be the best gift to yourself.

Yves Delorme All Season down insert is also a great everyday purchase.  Easily ordered online.
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