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Leitner Waffle Weave Towels

We have enjoyed offering the best Waffle Weave Bath Towels online and see them being re ordered regularly so to help us understand the desire to get them out to you quickly.  We stock and send regularly the Leitner Petit Waffle Towels in White and in Natural.  The Leither Waffle Towels are offered in a Jumbo Weave (preferred in warmest climates because they dry quickly even being thicker).  Beach towels are offered in Jumbo Waffle with matching Jumbo Waffle Hand Towels to pair on the beach, pool or lounge chairs.
 Leitner Waffle Weave Towels:  The best selling online waffle weave towel we offer (besides Volupte by LJF).
Natural Petit Waffle

Leitner: White Petit Waffle

Leitner Jumbo Waffle Weave: Natural or White

Jumbo Waffle Weave Blankets for the Bedroom sets.
White or Natural- Elegant and lifetime lasting. A nice blanket!
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