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Le Jacquard Francais discontinued end of year sale

Le Jacquard Francais announced the discontinued patterns: here are some listed: If you like any , please call or email us before ordering. We have to check the item for availability.

Syracuse Green Table linens, Asia Mood 3 colorways, Azulejos grey 86x149 only.
Bastide grey coated Table linens, Bahia coated cotton Table linens, Fleurs de Kyoto maple coated.
Vent d Ouest coated cotton Table linens,  Porceleine Table lInens.
Jardin d Orient Linen Table linens in all 3 colorways, Cabaret flamingo Linen Table linens only.
Tivoli sapphire blue Linen Table linens, Pondichery marble Linen Table linens.
Bagatele Table linens 3 colorways, Palais Royal Table linens all 3 colorways. Sari all colorways.
Tea Towels:
WIll be marked on sale. Listed under the Sale category. Here is the short list:
Baroque Porceleine and Baroque Jardin, Chef Patissiere, Ouefs, Peche en Pied/Mer, Safari/Savane,
Instant Gourmande, Fond Marin Crabe/Meduse, Voyage en Californie, Voyage Kerala forest.

Great stocking stuffers! Stock up and remember limited quantity is available.

          Asia Mood- Almond                           Bastide Grey coated
AM-sale.jpg        BASTIDE-sale.jpg

Baroque - pink , or green too.                     Fonds Marin
Baroque-Jardin-sale.jpg        fonds_marins_meduse_sale.jpg

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