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When to start the Holiday Plan

When preparing for your guests arrival do you sometimes see new things while searching the internet?  New ideas pop up to try that will be the show stopper.  These ideas can be the best or not.  Traditional preparations are always a given especially in Table Settings. You use the same China set designated for Christmas with the same flat ware set.  These are the best of the seasonal plan. To bring the best of the history into a setting such as Christmas is most memorable for your guests.  They will remember then look forward to your settings with much anticipation each year to year.  I think this is true because when you don't have this it is missed.  We love to use the same Placemats, Servers, Chargers and Dinner Plates.  The Holiday China is ongoing as well as the Crystal glasses.  The best idea comes from changing the Tablecloth and Napkins in some respects freshening them up.  We like to think that changing from a neutral Tablecloth to a bright Red or Evergreen shade can bring out a mood.

Here are some moods.

Green Table Setting
French Tablecloth: Volieres is to bring in the outdoors evergreen themed in wildlife of Birds
high up in the trees searching for a good hiding place or just hanging out till dinnertime.

Nuit Etoile Emeraude (emerald)
French Tablecloth with the Swiss Chalet in mind bringing in the travels of original Christmas
markets celebrated in Europe each year with millions of visitors sharing their season together.

Nature is a big theme especially if you travelled in the year to celebrate your Holidays 
with family by sharing the events and newness of discovering a whole new world.
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