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January chill brings in the Down Comforters

When setting out to find that perfect new down comforter and down pillow you need to consider a few things to help get the best product to last the next many years.  Duvet covers come and go yet that Down comforter stays.
If you shop "just for looks" then maybe this information will be mute ie. use the Duvet cover and Down insert for just daily show and fold it away at night. This is not used for warmth when sleeping in the chill months.
 There are a few features to look at when Down comforters are for necessary warmth.  How do you run as far as hot or cold? Is there some days for more warmth than others or maybe you are constant temperature all night.
These are always questions to think about so that you can purchase the right fit in Down products.  A light weight Down comforter is just enough for the houses/apartments/condo's that regulate a constant temperature all year round not allowing for the thermostate to be turned down in Winter (avoid costly heat bills).  Light weight down comforters have less ounces of the clusters hence will not loft as much. Loft being the tall billowy pillowing effect from catching some air (pouf).  Light weight Down products in White Goose down range from 30 -40 ounces while Medium weight has more down fill.  Warm is for the average household in the Mid West who doesn't like those heat bills the Winter months bring in from our Utility companies.  We tend to turn the thermostate down and brave it out the few months of the year.  The savings can add up and allow us to be purchasing some awesome down.
 You will notice that each Down Comforter has specific calculated down fill and has certain thread count ticking covers to hold in that precious down.  All of that information is for you to know how the products were made in USA according to label instructions and requirements.  And it does show why the product is priced as much as it is.  For instance, White Goose Down from Europe is not as pricey as lets say Canadian Goose Down.  Canada is typically coldest region besides Siberia where down is not havested as much.  Canadian Goose Down will loft the 900 Fill Power vs White Goose Down Europe loft 600+.  Canadian Goose Down has less ounces to be the same warmth. So that less down is more expensive.  Of course, the most expensive is the Eider down (10's of thousands).

Here is a nice assortment offered by SFERRA; 
Buxton down is 600FP Euro WGD, Somerset is Polish WGD, and so on with Cardigan and Cornwall in the Siberian/Hungarian/Canadian super warm less fill Down products.  You can pick and choose each according to how you prefer to keep the sleep comfort year to year allowing for changes by using a cotton blanket or wool.
Shop our selection online as we tend to list all the preferred products as purchased in the store.  You can call us too, we can help narrow down your choices.  Sale events happen as well, ask us when the next one is happening.  Keep in mind that there could be a wait to receive your down products during the chill months they do sell out around the USA. Made in USA,always choose your down products made in USA to verify ingredients.

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