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Bathroom Rugs

If you are searching for the Finest Cotton Bath Rugs, Bedroom Rugs, and Family Room Rugs, may as well add any room you love soft floorings then you should consider the Habidecor brand.  Habidecor is from a family factory that specializes in unique designer floor rugs that are thick and are durable.  The thickness of them adds to the soft fell to the touch.  The Egyptian Cotton supply is good so that each year new patterns can be created without skipping a specification.  Our website lists some of the more regularly purchased Rugs yet we have the full Catalog in the store.  Call or stop in, email us, we love to send photos to you to enjoy and consider for your next in home project that includes a soft floor covering.  We sell them mostly for Bathrooms or Family rooms.  A nice soft rug next to your bed can help getting out of the cozy sheets and into the real world.

Here are some shoppin ideas:


Marrinique- A floral array in blues and gold/yellow like the beaches.Martiniquea.jpg

Midnight- blues and lurex of gold, get the matching Super Pile towels too!

Dahlia - try 3 of them at once so pretty indoors too!! (love the pool)

ROC - a favorite in the store with all the neutrals.. will fit in anywhere and any room.

Email us or Call , we love to help you find your range of Softest Floor Rugs, Prices range between:
$180 - $3000.00.  You will find something you like to spend and enjoy for your home.

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