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After Christmas sales events

Our sale category is ever changing to update the listings with newly discontinued or one of a kind products that are marked to sell.  Changes are made daily to get the word out to you on these lovely new and exciting Linens.
Seasonal choices mostly so that you can target your upcoming event without planning too far ahead.  And, we are always trying to sell our in stock inventory to get them to you quickly.  If you are anticipating an event down the timeline, let us know and we can help provide best products with an upcoming sale event in mind.  For instance, if you are wanting to purchase a new set of Athena bed sheets by Yves Delorme, we can let you know the next sale event so that you can apply the discount and be super happy with your purchase. Maybe even get additional sets of Sheets, Duvet Covers, and Accessories. Yves Delorme has awesome Down Comforters and down Pillows.

Best selling items on the website sale category are the Kitchen Towels can never buy too many. These kitchen towels are the best fabulous desirable gift closet addition.  Keep your list supplied with the fashion from France and Italy.  We can update 2 times a year with the discontinued or last call Kitchen Towels.  You may even see a listing for an apron or hand towel!  Plan to stock up as they sell out fast.

Here are some items from our current sale category that you may have missed checking out.
Cadeaux 69x144 Tablecloth and Matching Napkins
Last years Corrone de Noel Napkins still available


Bengale tiger (orange) Great for Thanksgiving or Fall Holidays


Au Loin Queen Duvet Cover, Yves Delorme

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