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After Christmas sale on Limited Editions

If you do not want to spend a small fortune on just Holiday Table Linens, then you should consider some of the Classics that can be dined upon year round. Some of our best sellers are the Classico Linen Tablecloth in White or in Ecru.  Classico is fabulous because it does come in those extra long sizes that mostly are custom orders. Shop Classico in the 88 wide by 160 long or the 66x160 as it just could ship the same day!!  We do get next day air orders when customers discover their existing Tablecloths are stained beyond repair. Or, if new Tables are used to get everyone at that same table.

Some Holiday Limited Editions: Le Jacquard Francais is famous for launching just the right showcase product for each yearly celebration. This year Lumiere d Etoile is red and green yet did not fly off the shelves. Find some Tablecloths still in stock and at a slight discount.  Truly discounted Tablecloths come after 2 years such as Sommet Eneigges in Red or Hiver d Ecosse in Red but only in a small availability.  I always say if it is your best pick just get it and be ready for years to come.  I personally liked the Sommet Eneigges and this Poesie d Hiver in arctique blue/white. It is so lovely and perfect with white and silver china plates. 

Poesie d Hiver arctique

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