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Advise and ideas for using fine European linens for bed, bath and table in your home

SFERRA Table Linens

SFERRA Table fashions as seen in all the major magazines created and sold in sets of 4's.  Mix and match to create your own individual style and fortune!  Not sure, ask us we can help as always! Read more

Anne De Solene French bed linens quick ship

Anne De Solene- French percale bed linens in a floral pattern, geometric pattern, or plain solid percale fabric in an array of colors. Fun is to mix and match pieces to create your own "solid bed sheet decorative style". Plus the bed sheets last a very long time and are easy care to maintain them in pristine form.

Percale means high quality hotel fabric finish to be soft yet not slippery as some other sheets in high end retail online listings.  Percale is mostly what we all had growing up in our own homes and beds. Read more

Beauville French Table Linens for Spring 2015

Beauville France is imported each year with new patterns in Spring and Fall to supply the US with the ultimate in expensive and exquisite linens.  Made with care and devotion Beauville will always be the one to choose for easy dining situations to keep them stain resistant and color fast. No bleach! Not okay for the mangles but yet the tablecloths will last with allowance for the best care in the laundry. Read more

Le Jacquard Francais Holiday linens

Fleur de Givre in red poinsettia colorway or in white and silvery colorway is available online.  Made of pure cotton and imported from France are the originals that are woven each year to commemorate a new and spectacular item for your fine french table linens.  Fleur de Givre is created with a "Winter" theme so as to be used almost all winter long.  Mix and match with the new Fall Cubic table linens, or the Tivoli in red linen.  You be the designer! Read more

Gift Registry on F&B Specialty Linen

Gift Registry is easy and quick to set up just start with the button on the home page. We located the button on the top center of home page, the middle of left side of home page and on the bottom page.  You can register individuals and link them to your registry fast and hassle free. Questions? Email us as we are on the prowl to help you at all hours.  Items that are imported may require additional time to arrive for the gift so let us know any special arrangements.
  Read more

Christmas tablecloth by Beauville

Christmas table linens- ormaments galore in just out of this world design to catch your attention even for a second look.  Professional designers who manufacturer for Beauville are creators known as top top. Read more

Gatsby by Yves Delorme

Gatsby washable silk on the top side and cotton on the reverse side (to keep cost down) has proven a best seller year after year.  We have had quantity orders to individual orders in the Ecru or in the Flax only to at times be without the supply for months. I think if you are interested in that perfect silk coverlet the best option is to order it now.  The new supply of Ecru is due in soon so make your pick and wait for the delightful coverlet to arrive.  Matching European shams are available too! Read more

SFERRA Giza 45 Introductions

Giza 45 is a trademark of SFERRA who owns the fabric to make the ultimate bed linens Giza 45 percale and Giza 45 sateen in White or in Ivory.  Since the introduction of this thin and durable softness for bed linens, Giza 45 has grown to include a jacquard, a stripe, and now a lace inset. Priced in the highest of categories it is no means a cheap bed set.  Discrete shoppers who are laundry savvy, who are top of the market ready to spend, who are the best finders of good deals in luxury will love these bed sheets, duvet covers, pillow shams.  Find all Giza 45 items on our website and be ready to get yourself luxury plus. Read more

Italian Linen Tablecloths from Tessilarte

Tessilarte is a fine custom linen manufacturer for embroidery in fine linen tablecloths.  Very expensive and exclusive. Placemats and Napkins too, each Tablecloth arrives with a set of napkins included.

White is the main color with many selections for embroidery. Read more

Le Jacquard Francais Retired Patterns

Le Jacquard Francais launches 2 collections a year, one in the Spring/Summer then in the Fall/Winter time that are fabulous to cherish for many years to come when planning your dining events.  Retired patterns are the season collection that is no longer woven to keep it going.  This happened last year as a result of new designs taking over both from the past and in the now for matching more modern china patterns.  Find all your French table linens on our website, but don't forget to check out the Retired patterns.  They make wonderful gifts as well as added happiness for yourself. Read more

Beauville French Table Linens

Toscane took the luxury linen buyers by storm will selling out in the Toscane blue and Toscane red versions of this tablecloth. Now, Toscane matching napkins are available but at a price of $32.00 each. Definately worth the money as this fantastic tablecloth is admired by all.  Beauville created Agapanthes, Toscane in green, Topkapi in apricot and much more for Spring. stay tuned for additions online.
Here is a quick peak catalog.  Let us know what you think! Read more

Lady Primrose Fragrance of Tryst and Royal Extract

Lady Primrose has designed their crystal, imported from Italy, into fabulous decanturs that will be a collector's item.  Tryst signature fragrance is a soft clean fragrance now in candle, perfume, body lotion, hand lotion and hand cleanser, powder.  Royal extract, signature bee honey emollient fragrance, is offered in perfume, hand cream and hand cleanser.  Be sure to include these ideas into your gift giving season, you will be so glad you did!! Read more

Gien giftware from France

Gien is a manufacturer located in France for fine china. Most don't realize that this is not all that is manufactured by this age old company. Giftware is a nice way to say : Yes, I like Paris monuments too!! see the fascinating array of giftware on our website. In time, we are going to add a lot more of the fine canapé plates, sugar and creamer, deep bowls, and serving trays. Read more

Beauville Online Sale

Beauville is a top of the line manufacturer for fine unique screen printed table linens and kitchen towels.  Find your favorite and collect it now to be sure you receive it in good order.  New fall 2012 collection is coming in soon, so help us clear out the oldies but goodies.  Read more

Le Jacquard Francais Calendar towel 2013

Le Jacquard Francais calendar 2013 french kitchen dishtowel.  Collect them for gifts to all your favorite friends.  Always well received along with other perfect french towels, or a gift created just for you! Read more

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