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May Newsletter Blog Post

F&B Linen aka F&B Specialty Linen. Why do we add the Specialty onto our website name? The reason is because when we started long ago online it was easily recognized as F&B Linen (meaning Food and Beverage Linen) industry for Hotel lingo.  We capitalized on this and loved engaging the big business in the USA.  Now, we are truly happy to help the Home Decor sector by offering only the finest from Europe for the Bath, Bed, and Table areas.

Let's start with our greatest savings online as everyone loves a good sale event.  Besides announcing via newsletters to your email folders we can now add to our blog those items.

Here is a few great sale links:
Duchesse in Pink is excellent choice for your Table setting.  An excellent gift to present to your favorite
on the list!  Deliciously designed in a radiant pink the 69x69 and Napkins will be a winner

Marie Galante citrus coated cotton Tablecloths
French coated cotton Tablecloths are easy care with stains of spills just wipe away from the waterproofed
surface on the Tablecloth.  Find your favorites on sale, then look at the new and shop our sales events. Stock up as these are always best to have on hand to show your style each season of the year.  Coated Cotton Tablecloths are offered in new styles 2 times a year launched with our newsletters.

Shop and save on lots of discontinued or one of a kind last call Table, Bed, and Bath linens we list on our website.
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